søndag 23. oktober 2011

In the mood...

for Vanilla Nougat Cupcakes!
1. step: make Vanilla batter
This recipe gives 12 reg sized cuppies :)

2. step: get some nougat chocolate candy

I used 100g Toblerone for these Cupcakes. 

Cut it into small pieces, so that it blends well in the batter, 
and does not sink to the bottom of your Cupcakes.

Drop the nougat in the done batter
and mix it

Time to do some scooping.
This Cupcake scooper is perfect for making even Cupcakes without spilling!
I love it

Fill the scooper, hold it over the liner, and press to drop the batter

19 minutes later
Time to grab your ovenmittens and get some hot Cupcakes out of the oven

Hot nougat Cupcakes smells really good...

I always let my Cupcakes cool for a while before i frost 

I love big cups
and Cupcakes
Sometimes, enjoying a warm Cupcake without frosting, and with a big cup of tea is simply the best!

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