torsdag 6. oktober 2011

yesterday was such a good day!
...check out what I made :)

Chocolate fudge Caramel Cupcakes

Chocolate batter with caramel filled candy
Scoop a little batter in the liners, and place some candy in each of the liners
Scoop more batter on top!

Baked and poked

After these Cupcakes were done in the oven
I decided to poke a hole in them, and fill them with chocolate filling

Frosted with Caramel buttercream
I placed the Cupcake "hole" on top of the frosting...
and drizzled the whole loveliness with chocolate sauce

12 Cupcakes, all dressed up!

The cuppies on the left are more mint/chocolate ones...

Here it is!

The top of the Cupcake


Chocolate rocks my world.

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When I make my Chocolate batter, I use this recipe, and add in about 4 tablespoons of cocoapowder.

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