fredag 30. september 2011

Ready to make

Fall leaves Cupcakes

Wilton Cookie Cutters

I got these liners at the cute danish store 

Promise to show you pics later!
Fill your cup!

In this case: fill your Cupcake!
The magic about creating a Cupcake lays in making it extraordinary. 
I'm gonna take a regular vanilla Cupcake, and fill it with 
yummi StrawberryJam.

This Cupcake plunger is bought at 

How to do it
Let your Cupcakes cool completely

Stick the Cupcakeplunger in the middle of your Cupcake
(if you don't have one - use a apple corer! It basically works in the same way)
Press it firmly down, and twist.

Pull it up

And the core of your Cupcake comes right out!

You now have a bunch of Cupcakes with a hole in the middle...

Ready to be filled with whatever your heart (or mouth) desires 

So easy, sooo good.

torsdag 29. september 2011

My cup of coffee

A day at work
A Cupcakedream

 I'm working on a Cupcake seminar project!
After talking to some nice ladies I decided to start up working on having a
Cupcake seminar/Cupcake night! A social, fun night filled with Cupcakes!
SO much fun.
Keep posted for more info :)

Vil du komme på kurs?

onsdag 28. september 2011

Last of Summer

I made some last hope of summer Cupcakes today.
And I think it's working! 
The SUN is 
coming out this weekend!
Better get ready for some fun.


Cupcakes is a great way to say
I love you

tirsdag 27. september 2011

Ny side! 
Du finner nå en ny side øverst på menyen, der du kan finne info om bestillinger av Cupcakes, for dere i Oslo området.

Finner du ikke siden?
Nothing better...
 Than yummy, gooey Brownie Cupcakes and a glass of milk
on a cold autumn night
Wanna make brownies? 

mandag 26. september 2011

Some Carrotcake Cupcakes

The Cupcakes are Carrotcake with 
apple and cinnamon
with a creamcheese Frosting on top
Happy Birthday Audun!

søndag 25. september 2011

After Eight Cupcakes

Cupcake Package!
I received one of my many awaiting Cupcake packages in the mail yesterday.
I have already tested it. 

Just screw the bottom off and fill with batter.
You need a not too thick batter for this to work. 
I love my
Cupcake Pen
Just fill it up, and make perfect Cupcakes spilling!

After Eight Cupcakes

It's a Sunday, and I decided to make 
some chocolate
 After Eight Cupcakes
with chocolate coffee frosting

Make a good chocolate batter
and put pieces of After Eight chocolate in the already filled liners

After Eight

Bake it!

and let it cool

Frosted with choc/coffee Frosting

I decorated some of the Cupcakes
with mint colored fondant roses

and the rest with white chocolate
and chocolate sprinkles

I received a Cupcake package yesterday!
I'll show you soon :)

Sitting on the counter
 At WOW :)

lørdag 24. september 2011

I forgot to show you the baked cookie crust Cupcakes

I decorated the leftover ones like this :)

Re-lined some of the Cupcakes to brown liners

Remember to taste your Cupcakes!
Have a good weekend.

Star Cupcakes
on WOW sale

I made some Oreo Cookie crust Cupcakes
just make some Vanilla Cupcake batter
line a Cupcake tin
 place a cookie in each liner
and fill with batter!
Bake like normal.

Frosted with Vanilla bean frosting

The star of the Cupcakes...
...I used two different sizes of star cookie cutters from Wilton.

I made both pink and purple stars

Twinkle twinkle

 I hope the girls working and shopping at 
WOW today had a sparkly fun day!