fredag 30. september 2011

Fill your cup!

In this case: fill your Cupcake!
The magic about creating a Cupcake lays in making it extraordinary. 
I'm gonna take a regular vanilla Cupcake, and fill it with 
yummi StrawberryJam.

This Cupcake plunger is bought at 

How to do it
Let your Cupcakes cool completely

Stick the Cupcakeplunger in the middle of your Cupcake
(if you don't have one - use a apple corer! It basically works in the same way)
Press it firmly down, and twist.

Pull it up

And the core of your Cupcake comes right out!

You now have a bunch of Cupcakes with a hole in the middle...

Ready to be filled with whatever your heart (or mouth) desires 

So easy, sooo good.

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