søndag 18. desember 2011

Christmas Stollen Cupcakes

I baked the traditional Christmas Stollen into Cupcakes!
Loaded with almonds and dried fruit soaked in brandy.
Topp it off with a sugar, cinnamon and cardamom dust. 
What can be better?

I put raisins, cranberries, apricots and candied orangepeel in these Christmas Stollen Cupcakes

Freshly baked Christmas Stollen Cupcakes
It got dark outside
before it was time to eat: reheat and decorate.
So the pics of the finished Cupcakes are a bit darker.
Hope you can still enjoy.

Drizzled with icing
and a small Gingerbread Cookie heart

Christmas Cupcakes all over the place

Best eaten hot!

Good luck with checking your to-do list before Christmas!
Ho ho ho ...
A sneak peek 
Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes
Almonds, Gingerbread and Chocolate
Merry Christmas 
Cupcakes for the Holiday :)

lørdag 17. desember 2011

Right now
I'm making X-mas MintChocolate Cupcakes

Ready to bake

torsdag 15. desember 2011

Gingerbread Cookie Cupcakes

I lost alot of my pics, for some dumb reason, but I decided to make a post about my Gingerbread Cookie Cupcakes anyway :)

Cutie and Gingerbread Cookie Cupcakes
with a VanillaCinnamon Frosting
and a Gingerbread Cookie topper!

Wintertime is here.
This is what it looks like outside my house!
It inspired me to make some Christmas Cupcakes

So because I lost some pics, theres few of the process...
But I made some Cupcakes, with cutie juice and zest
sprinkled some crushed gingerbread cookies on top
and baked!

The CinnamonVanilla Buttercream

Ready to pipe
I used a big round tip

Gingerbread Cookies and Cupcakes!

 I love these little Cookie guys

The Gingerbread Cookies are cut out with small
Christmas cookie cutters, 
and decorated with vanilla icing

Gingerbread Cupcakes

 Twinkle ...

That's is!

mandag 12. desember 2011


I'm leaving in 17 days.
I promise to become a better blogger soon ...

Meanwhile I am trying to get some Christmas baking done!
Christmas tree Cupcake and gingerbread cookie Cupcake toppers

fredag 9. desember 2011

Snickers Cupcakes
Snickers Cupcakes

The Holidays are here! 
Time for hot chocolate, home-made candy and Cupcakes

I made some super simple Snickers Cupcakes

And if you didn't already guess it, this is what you do:
grab some Snickers bars
scoop your Cupcake liners with batter
cut your candy bar in squares 
and stick them in there!

Bake as normal

I actually made a Snickers Coating for these Cupcakes
So simple and yummy!

Put your candy bar in the microwave for 2 minutes
take it out, and stir well
Grab a spatula and top your Cupcakes!

The chocolate will harden over time, and make a delicious crunchy top to your Snickers Cupcake