søndag 2. oktober 2011

Gameday Cupakes

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes
with buttercream and

I made my Vanilla batter, filled 6 liners, added 3 tablespoons of cocoapowder
and scooped the rest of the Cupcakes! Just for the fun, I put the light batter in the dark liners, 
and the dark batter in the light liners! 
Way to go, creativity!
I topped my Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream with a hint of hazelnut, split a banana into small slices, dusted half of them in chocolate milkshake powder,
 and stuck them on top of my Cupcakes.
I topped my vanilla Cupcakes with some strawberryjam.   

Everybody loves Cupcakes!
Some San Diego Padres player with Sprinkles Cupcakes

From baseball to football
 Vanilla Cupcakes
Banana Buttercream
San Diego Super Chargers

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